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AquaDry+ is committed to providing you the best possible service in Dade, Broward, and Monroe county areas. We have an on-call team to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a rapid response time. We also have the ability to work closely with your insurance provider and bill them directly, which helps relieve you from dealing with your insurance company and the billing process. This give you time to focus on rebuilding your business or home, which is the most important thing on your mind.


AquaDry also offer a board-up service that other companies do not offer. This service will protect you in two ways. When you experience water damage from the initial cause, further damage can be caused by weather conditions, with board-up services, it will shield your place from these elements. Also the threat a vandalism is high when a place gets damaged, with board-up services, it will make it harder on criminals to gain access to your place.


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Our community has recently been exposed to the COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Sadly, the number of infected members of our community grows as it continues to spread.


The virus can survive on surfaces for up to one week. Unfortunately, symptoms do not show until two weeks after infection, making it difficult to contain.


Protecting our homes and businesses from potential contamination is priority during this time. The only way to prevent exposure from this outbreak is through diligent care, thorough cleanliness, and taking the proper precautionary measures. Disease outbreak is an extremely serious situation and we understand that the health and safety of you, your family, and employees are on the line. This is why having a trusted professional biohazard remediation company on your side is important.


As a longtime vendor in the State of Florida, providing remediation services with quality anti-bacterial products, we are in a position where we can help our community in this difficult process.



Personal belongings are usually the most important thing to us next to friends & family of course. With that being said, we strive to keep your surroundings the way they should be. We also know that our customers do not want any additional damage while working to correct their problem. You won't have to worry about that factor as Aquadry+ trains our technicians thoroughly to handle any scenario with the utmost professionalism and clean working environments. We also try to accommodate customer's schedules so that we can both get our jobs done with as little conflict as possible.



When you have a mold problem, you also have a water problem.


Without professional repair, leaky roofs and faulty plumbing create a damp environment that encourages mold growth.


Our expert teams are highly trained in the inspection process that uncovers hidden mold even behind walls and under floors. We pinpoint moisture sources that cause mold to spread and take care of all necessary repairs.

Mold Remediation is by far the most important mold removal and mold prevention service that is available to our customers. With increased cases in asthma and other health problems, you don't just want mold removed! In fact, cleaning even a small area of mildew or mold growth can create an airborne mold issue within your home or workplace. To prevent the spread of mold, it is in your best interest to hire a certified mold remediation company that specializes in this line of work.



We perform a thorough inspection of all damage to determine the structural integrity of your home or business and the condition of your belongings. Our technicians identify the source of the fire, classify its type and report our detailed assessment and estimated repair costs to you and your insurance agent.


From minor plumbing repairs to wall reconstruction, we finish your fire damage recovery process by restoring your property to its original condition.

Our teams replace flooring, deep clean tile, repair baseboards and repaint ceilings.



Returning to a safe, clean and restored home is everyone’s concern after a major water loss.  At AquaDry+, we take pride in making sure your home looks and feels the way it did before the damage occurred. Call us today for an inspection of your damages.



Aquadry+ emergency response team is among the best in the business. Our fleet vehicles are fully equipped with the very best in dehumidifiers, centrifugal blowers, and water extraction units.


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